Top 13 Best Work Gloves in 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

You can use many tools at work, but one of the most important tools you use are, without a shadow of a doubt, your hands. Therefore, it is important to adequately protect your hands from skin injuries in the workplace. Skin lesions such as cuts or stings and health problems such as dermatitis can occur in a wide variety of sectors, not only in the sectors one would expect, such as the electronic fields, or “do it yourself.” Being a professional worker you must keep the best work gloves with you on your tool bag. As you are constantly working with your hand, you must deserve comfort ability and protection from your gloves. If you are using a gloves for work for long times then you should understand the importance of it. These gloves not only protect you from blister but also saves you from screws and nails. Work gloves make our job easier and faster. 

Hand injuries and skin problems can arise in more dangerous workplaces such as construction sites and production facilities, but they also occur in areas such as health care, hairdressing and catering. As a result, many employers need to be aware of these risks and both employers and employees need to educate themselves on the best ways to prevent dangerous situations.

On this article you will find the best Work Gloves presented in a detailed comparison. The findings of the experiments are based on complete field testing of the goods under laboratory conditions. Unless the consumer organization has conducted a work gloves test, we have obtained information from reliable comparable sources, such as consumer associations.

In addition to the ranking, on this page you will also find a small buying guide and an interesting video on Work Gloves. In addition, we have reviews and links with low cost offers for you. Lets’ explore the 13 Best Work Gloves in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide.

Hand injuries are one of the most frequent workplace injuries. Therefore, it is fundamental to choose the right glove to guarantee the safety of the hands.

First of all, we must know that the use of work gloves is governed by Legislative Decree 81/2008 as the gloves are in all respects PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) equipment, i.e. designed to protect the worker from accidents. All types of work gloves must meet the general requirements of harmlessness, ergonomics, functionality and cleanliness and have a correct marking from which the manufacturer’s data, code and model name, glove size, brand can be deduced. of CE conformity, instructions for use, rules for maintenance and correct storage.

Furthermore, depending on the type of work for which they are designed, work gloves differ in a series of requirements that guarantee safety for the different types of risk to which the hand is subjected:

  • Mechanical risks (the fundamental factors to consider are resistance to abrasion, cutting, tearing and perforation, crushing, vibrations.
  • Chemical risks or from contact with microorganisms and bacteria (attention is paid to protection against penetration, permeation and degradation level.
  • Thermal risks (to resist heat, fire or frost.
  • Electrical risks (gloves must protect the hand from electrostatic charges or electrical voltage.
  • Radiation risk.

It is necessary to verify the suitability of gloves in relation to the tasks performed. We also advise you to use gloves with a constant thickness and easy to wear; it is also advisable to also protect the forearms in case of use of toxic substances. The transpiration factor for the skin is also very important as the use for long periods of gloves that do not allow proper breathing to the skin can be harmful. We also remind you to always choose the right size work gloves because they do not slip but also because they are not too tight (with the exception of latex gloves which must be a second skin in order not to lose the tactile sensitivity necessary for example in the medical and health field) : in this way you will be able to work comfortably without sacrificing safety.

Finally, remember that the gloves must be replaced periodically even if at first sight they do not show defects because all the models, over time, lose their impermeability to solvents. In any case, it is good practice to always check the condition of the gloves before each use and always clean them and keep them in the correct way as indicated by the manufacturer.

Types of working safety gloves

Hand accidents account for almost a third of all workplace accidents in the world. The safety gloves must be designed in such a way as to protect against any type of risk to the hands that may occur in the workplace. While the manufacturer is required to make specific gloves suitable for any risks, it will be the employer’s responsibility to carefully choose the suitable work gloves to reduce the probability of injury.

All the general characteristics that accident prevention gloves should respect are established within the UNI EN 420 standard, which describes the basic standards for the design of these particular PPE. Within the legislation we can find the minimum requirements for ergonomics, harmlessness, cleanliness, functionality and all information on the different types of work gloves.

Thermal work gloves

Heat protection gloves

UNI EN 407 refers to work gloves against thermal risks and regulates the minimum requirements. In particular, reference is made to the usability levels of the PPE in close contact with heat. All safety gloves that protect your hands from radiant heat (through contact or splashes of molten metal) fall into this category.

Low temperature protection gloves

Protective gloves against low temperatures are treated within the UNI EN 511 standard. This regulation applies to all gloves that protect the hands from the cold transmitted by convection or conductivity, down to -50 degrees, both in case of activity industrial than in particular climatic situations.

Chemical or biological protection gloves

According to UNI EN 374, accident prevention gloves dedicated to protection from chemical agents must block the passage of chemical and biological agents that are potentially harmful for human beings. Reference is made to the penetration and permeation which must be taken into account when choosing the most suitable work gloves. Before proceeding with the purchase, it will be necessary to evaluate the rate and permeation time, as well as the level of degradation of the PPE.

Mechanical protection gloves

The protective gloves against mechanical risks must protect against physical and mechanical aggressions caused by abrasion, blade cut, puncture, tearing and cutting by impact, respecting the requirements of the UNI EN 420 and UNI EN 388. then fall into this category various types of hand protection, distinguishable on the basis of the type and level of specific risk. Examples are cut protection gloves.

Welding gloves

They are gloves that are made using a variety of leathers including goat, cow and pig, based on the welding style. They must be able to withstand long periods and high temperatures, this is because when a welder has to hold a piece of steel at 300 ° C for five minutes, he must not feel any discomfort in order to use the welder with the utmost dexterity.

Cut resistant gloves

It is important to understand that they are not cut-resistant gloves, they do not prevent, but they reduce the possibility of cutting yourself. By wearing a glove with the right level of protection and cut resistance, the chances of injury are drastically reduced, but there is never 100% safety.

Working Gloves requirements

Protective gloves requirements

  • High degree of protection;
  • Design that does not outrage and that does not decrease work performance;
  • The glove’s PH must be between 3.5 and 9.5;
  • Each glove must bear indications about the manufacturer’s name, the size, the CE marking legible throughout the life of the glove, the European reference standard.

Requirements for gloves that protect against mechanical risks

  • Resistant to blade cutting;
  • Puncture resistant;
  • Tear resistant;
  • Abrasion resistant.

Heat protection gloves requirements

Heat protection gloves must be:

  • Resistant to contact heat even at very high temperatures: the user must not experience any pain, even if exposed to contact for more than 15 seconds;
  • Flammable resistant even if in contact with incandescent materials;
  • Convective heat resistant: it is the glove’s ability to delay the transmission of heat generated by flames;
  • Resistant to radiant heat;
  • Resistant to small or large splashes of molten metal.

Gloves requirements for protection from the cold

The EN 511: 2006 standard applies to gloves that protect the hands of those who work in contact with convective or contact cold and that reach -50 ° C. These gloves are:

  • Tear resistant;
  • Abrasion resistant;
  • Resistant to water penetration.

Gloves requirements for protection from ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination

  • Raincoats;
  • They must pass the penetration test required by EN 374.

Requirements for gloves for protection in manual welding of metals

The requirements that these gloves must comply with are:

  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Cut resistance;
  • Tear resistance;
  • Resistance to contact heat;
  • Convective heat resistance;
  • Resistance to small splashes of molten metal;
  • Resistance to combustion.

13 Best Work Gloves Reviews

I know you have little time and therefore it might be convenient for you to take a quick look at the best work gloves …

Versatile, but still affordable, the CLC 125M Handyman Flex Grip work gloves are a must for our choice. Thanks to a hidden stitch that will not cling to jagged metal or rough wood, as well as from the straps that cover the wing to prevent each glove from slipping, this pair works especially well in harsh weather, in humid environments and when using heavy equipment. In addition, although they keep the body fit, they are also comfortable: their spandex back, Syntrex-lined palms and lycra side panels ensure that you can move freely. In addition, with three touch fingers on the glove, you can use your smartphone or tablet without losing rhythm before returning to work.


Mechanix Wear is a tactical glove designed for military, light and shooting sports enthusiasts working in a variety of environments and conditions. The exquisitely crafted shooting gloves and patrol gloves are fire resistant, and each glove series is optimized for the needs of professionals and hobbyists. Mechanix gloves are available in a variety of color lineups and camouflage patterns, enabling effective use in a variety of terrain environments and conditions. Protecting your hands is our final goal. When given a mission, Mechanix M-Pact Work Gloves will always be with you.


An excellent pair of Construction working gloves will help you do potentially dangerous work quickly and safely. These Ironclad RWG2-04-L Ranchworx gloves are made of Genuine goatskin leather with a spandex back for added flexibility. In addition, they are sewn from 100 percent fire-resistant Kevlar thread, and their palm and thumb saddle are padded and reinforced for added comfort. These gloves are perfect for the individuals who are plumbers, farmers, circuit testers or development laborers as they are sturdy and agreeable. Finally, the slim design of the fingers makes it easier to work with soldering irons and other tools, protecting your hands from sparks and sharp edges.


These work gloves are insulated and protected at an extremely competitive price. Their nitrile (Synthetic leather) coating is breathable but durable, and their 100% leather body helps you stay flexible in both wet and dry conditions, making them ideal for activities such as cooking and gardening, as well as welding and woodworking. Internet users were also delighted that their shape was fantastic at any size and that their grip was superior to other ordinary work gloves. Three-dimensional hand displaying adjust to ergonomics for an extraordinary fit. In addition, according to reviewers, they glide smoothly and do not slip when performing complex work or processing bulky pieces of metal or wood.


The JORESTECH line of covered work gloves offers premium security, grasp, and mastery so you can deal with apparatuses, hardware, and perilous assignments easily. Made with ultra-safe, superior HPPE texture, these gloves will guarantee prevalent cutting edge cut and scraped area opposition without trading off solace and smoothness. They are mostly covered with a finished defensive layer of polyurethane for a more grounded grasp in wet, dry, and slick applications.
At the same time, the non-covered, material segment on the rear of the glove encourages cooling and wind stream to improve adaptability and save breathability.


The Mechanix Wear MFF-05-010 Synthetic Leather offers superior abrasion resistance and greater tear resistance than normal synthetic gloves. Protections on the knuckles and the entire length of the fingers in TPR (thermoplastic rubber) reduces the risk of injury from impact and crushing. The internal reinforcement of the fingers in MFF-05-010 offers greater durability. The padding on the D3O palm absorbs and dissipates high impact energy through the palm of the hand & Machine washable.


The original high performance utility glove. An agreeable, perfectly sized glove intended to deal with the entirety of your everyday assignments. Good uses involve but not restricted to store, house, shipping, clean-up, renovation, running of the machinery, wiring, yard work. The craftsmanship right now unequaled by the opposition. The terry cloth on the back of the thumb can be used to rub away the sweat whilst staying concentrated on the job by hand. Once the work is full and the day is done these high-performance service gloves can be put into the washer because they won’t dry out or shrink once cleaned.


Welding Lincoln Traditional MIG / Stick Welding Gloves K2979-ALL General Purpose. The welding is made of split cow leather with all kinds of heat and flame resistance. Includes sock lining for welted seams for added comfort, bulletproof stitching and extended durability. The thumb pad added to the high wear area increases the life of the glove. The red flame pattern adds a sense of style to the black split cow hide. Top Improvement Fingertip Sensitivity Features 5-inch straight thumb for added durability Full sock lining Welted seams and heat and spark resistant shoulder splits Made of cow leather bulletproof stitching. Cuff for additional protection red flame pattern.


An excellent pair of Construction working gloves will help you do potentially dangerous work quickly and safely. Special MXBE provides good qualities gloves in various fields. The design and production of functional PU synthetic leather, including moisture, air, and abrasion resistance. It is also designed with a strengthened thumb groin for longer life expectancy, neoprene cushioned knuckles to secure back of hand and furnishes a specially fit with customizable Velcro lashes. This gloves designed for mechanics, construction, material handling.


The Fast Fit 4X glove is a work glove with a tactical line from Mechanix Wear. The glove’s whole palm is made of the imitation leather Material4X. This material reduces wear and ensures a comfortable fit. Among the insert’s bars made of Lycra are processed, this material is breathable and maintains the mobility of the wearer. An elastic band on the wrist facilitates the on-off of the glove.


The back is in spandex, flexible and breathable: The elasticated back in spandex keeps your hands cool and comfortable when you are at work. Knuckle protection: The foam-padded knuckles reduce the impact on the upper part of the hand, so you can safely deal with large jobs. Padded palms. The synthetic leather palm with foam padding reduces shocks and vibrations resulting from the use of manual tools. Touchscreen tips: Fingertips compatible with touchscreen screens, to be able to use your smartphone or tablet without having to take off your gloves.


An extremely widespread and very important type of work gloves are cut resistant gloves. They prevent cuts, scratches and wounds with superior protection from nutcrackers, citrus peelers, kitchen utensils, sushi, carpentry and other knives or blades. EN388 certified, level 5 anti-cut protection. The secure grip easily adheres to slippery and smooth surfaces such as wet vegetables, knife handles, glass, etc. Tough and comfortable like our previous gloves, but with a better grip. Lightweight, breathable material made of high molecular quality polyethylene, fiberglass and elastane; it adapts perfectly to the hands. Safe for food, machine washable; keeping gloves clean is easy.


Maxiflex extreme is a best in class breathable work glove intended for solace and aptitude in an assortment of work applications. Applications incorporate car, get together, stocking and general materials taking care of. It is an perfect glove to keep your hands safe and healthy. The Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves is totally breathable as it is made with small scale froth covering. You will likewise have the option to observe a diminished had exhaustion as it gives you an extraordinary structure, fit and feel while giving you upgraded comfort while working.


Buyers Guide

People who have no idea about work gloves will not be able to quickly choose the best item. There are hundreds of products from different brands and it is very difficult to compare their offers by yourself! We advise you to simplify the activity using our help. Read our buying guide and choose an option from our list of the best leather work gloves.

We are proud of our list of the best work gloves. Our team has spent days making an impartial, reliable and interesting classification list for people who want to get their first leather work gloves are classified according to factors such as price, quality of assembly, material, warranty and others specifications. In addition, we advise you to do your research if you want to buy the leather work gloves that best suits your needs.

Be careful though! You don’t want to save on the quality of work gloves because your hands are too precious to save a few dollars. Hand injuries represent, alas, a very important percentage of accidents in the industrial and craft sector. For this reason, hands and forearms must be protected from the dangers of mechanical, thermal, chemical injuries and from contact with electrical voltage which are the main causes of injury to this extremely delicate and precious area of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the most suitable work gloves?

Ans: To understand which gloves we need, we need to know which are the technical characteristics that satisfy our need for protection.

Q: What is the right level of cut resistance?

Ans: These types of gloves are classified from the ANSI A1 level, designed to stop the threat of cuts due to paper, to the ANSI A9 level which allows you to protect against the most extreme risks, but do not think you automatically need a category A9 glove. A glove designed for extreme cutting risks will be more expensive and, as it is reinforced for high cutting risks, it may not be comfortable if you use a cutter only once an hour.

Q: How to choose heat resistant gloves?

Ans: Sponge gloves hold the air, ensure good insulation and are ideal for handling rough and sharp metal parts, even the sponge is cut resistant. When they are made of Kevlar®, the cut resistance increases and also resists direct flame.  An exterior silicone-coated Kevlar ® coating makes clear interaction without burning or melting with the hot surfaces. When choosing high temperature resistant gloves for your work, you need to know the precise temperature of the object, not just the ambient temperature. An industrial oven could reach 500 ° C, but the object only 300 ° C, this is a big difference for the type of glove you need.

Q: What materials are protective gloves made of?

Ans: No material is able to offer total protection against all the risks faced by workers in the industrial sector. For this same reason there are as many as 16 types of protective gloves, which we present below, each of which has its own characteristics and therefore advantages and disadvantages, and to which specific applications correspond.

Q: How to wash woolen gloves?

Ans: Fill a basin with cold water, use a detergent formulated for this type of fiber and wash the gloves without wringing and wrinkling them. Leave them in the container for a short time and, after washing, press them a little, but with a very delicate touch, to remove some water. Then spread them horizontally, even on a towel, in the shade. Alternatively, put them in the washing machine at the limit in a load of wool with a special cycle.

Q: How to wash Silk gloves?

Ans: This fabric is also very delicate and, in principle, requires care similar to that for wool, ie hand washing in cold water, with a dedicated product and without wringing, and drying on a horizontal surface between two towels.

Q: How to wash Leather Gloves?

In this case, forget the basin full of water. If you really want to wash the accessories, use a cloth dampened with water or, if necessary, with a solution of water and very little neutral soap: proceed quickly and let the gloves dry naturally, at the beginning wear them when they are still wet so that they take the shape of the fingers. There are also unique items, on the other side. In any case, during the operation, pay attention to the internal lining which can be of a different fabric and, therefore, requires other cleaning methods.

Q: How to wash Cotton Gloves?

Ans: Put them in the washing machine drum with the other cloths of the same fabric and wash them at 30 degrees with a good detergent. As for delicate fabrics (wool, leather, silk), do not put gloves in the dryer or near heat sources; you can use the appliance for those in cotton, if indicated on the LABEL. This, in fact, is a point of reference: read it to know how to wash and care for your model of gloves without damaging it, whatever the type of fabric.

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Final Verdict

Thanks for going through the entire post of 13 best work gloves in the market. In this article, we have discussed their features, specifications, what we like and what we don’t like. You can easily purchase a work gloves as there are so many manufacturers are on the market. But choosing the best gloves for your need is not that much simple. Before making a purchase decision, therefore, it is very important to evaluate the purchase of Work Gloves from every point of view, taking a look at the ratings of important sources, including videos. But now you can take a better decision after reading the useful information from this article. We hope that our reviews will help you to make a choice for yourself to pick up the right one within your budget.

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