3 Best Effective Tips on How to Soften Leather Tool Belt

Are you using a hard leather tool belt? Is it giving you a tough time? If yes, then you are in the right place where I’m going to share some best tips on how to soften leather tool belt as a beginner.

Being a technician you often use a tool belt which helps you to perform your work more efficiently and smartly. Working with a soft leather tool belt is much comfortable as well as help you to work peacefully. When you are using a tool belt for a long time it become hard and rough which can bruise your skin. Apart from this some cheap tool belts are made of hard leather. Often these new stiff leather tool belt can be uncomfortable with their harsh touch on your skin.

Say all your ‘bad tool belt days’ goodbye by softening your tool belt for better days. It also lets you maintain the standard quality of your belt for a long time.

However, if you don’t know the correct methods to soften your belt, then you might end up damaging it. It will make you waste your money, time and your energy. To make sure you don’t end up learning the wrong steps, I’m here to take you to an amazing tour. Today, I will tell you how to maintain your leather tool belt soft. So, without further ado, let’s hit the topic.

To Maintain Good Health

Every technician desire to maintain a good health. But working with a hard leather tool belt might hurt and damage your skin which can affect your body for long run. Sometimes hard tool belts can cause skin diseases like bruises and sores on your waist. While soft leather will not have a negative impact on your body. You’ll find the soft leather tool belt much convenient to use and carry.

To Avoid Injury

Usually hard leather tool belts appears to be dryer and sharper than soft once. Its rugged edges can cause cut or put scratches on your skin. Sometimes this kind of injuries may cause to stop you from work for a long time. A soft tool belt not only save you from physical injuries but also from financial loss. So you can avoid these cases by softening your hard tool belt.

To Increase Usability

As a professional you may be use a leather suspender belts over your shoulder attached with your tool belt while working with heavy weight tools on your waist. These leather suspender belts keeps you safe as well as more productive. But if your suspender belt become hard then it might give you tough time and you will uncomfortable doing your job. Sharp edges of this belt will irritate and distract you to perform your job smoothly. So say goodbye to all those rough touches you used to get by softening your suspender belts.

To Increase Durability

When you buy a best tool belt you must want to use it for a long term. But as a nature of your work you may need to work under natural resources like sun, rain or dust. The strength of these natural resources can easily cause damages the surface of the tool belt. This will make your tool belt hard and reduce its durability. This way you can’t use your tool belt for long run. So a regular maintenance is necessary to keep your tool belt soft and durable for long time.

To Increase Flexibility

Being a pro you must feel that a flexible tool belt always boost your work efficiency. It increase your productivity robustly. Soft leather tool belts are more flexible than hard once. Sometimes you might need to keep heavy weight tools like hammers or hand drill on your tool pouches. Hard leather tool belt can’t handle this amount of pressure due to lack of flexibility and cause damages. By softening your leather tool belts can increase the flexibility.

When You Need to Soften Your Leather Tool Belt

A tool belt is the best companion for you where you are working alone or you don’t have any assistant for you. And you must take care of your tool belt through a periodic maintenance. But how you will feel the right time for maintenance. Well, working with your tool belt you will be understand the right time by considering following observation and sign.

After Use It For A Long Time

If you use your leather belt tool for a long time, it can be harmful for your waist. Especially if you are a heavy user of your tool belt then you can schedule a fixed day of a month when you soften your tool belt. You can also do soften your tool belt when you feel that the leather becoming stiff or harder.

When A Damage Sign Identified

A good quality tool belt have many carves and stitches. These areas of the tool belt are significantly infirm than other portions and are often affected by natural reasons which we mention above. You should soften your leather tool belt as soon as you see the quality of the leather is falling. Stiff leather tend to get damaged more than soft ones. Softening the belt will enhance its quality.

When Use It Outside

Being a pro you are often working outside under sun, rain or dust and you can’t just avoid this environment. The surface of leather tool belt become damage or stiff due to working outside under this kind of environment. You should always keep an eye on your tool belt before getting into worst condition and take necessary action to soften this leather tool belt as soon as possible.

When Store It For A Long Period

You should regularly use your leather tool belts. But when you are going for a vacation for a long time, it seems that your leather tool belts become stiff. In this type of case, you should soften your leather tool belt and store it in a place with well-ventilated area which is not too dry and uniform temperature of 15 – 20 ° C and relative humidity between 50 – 70%.

When Feeling Uncomfortable

You might feel to use your leather tool belt uncomfortable for various reasons. This stiff leather tool belt will irritate you when you are on work. So you should soften your leather tool belt whenever you feel discomfort and hamper your work.

When Softening Material Fade Away

You may be soften your leather tool belt. But softening material might fade away for various reason. This may cause your leather tool belt become hard. So you have to choose right softening material to use it for long run and to increase its longevity.

When Used By Multiple People

Leather tool belt should not be used by multiple people. It may cause hard if it has been using by multiple people restlessly. Leather tool belt need a break for a while to use it for next time. You should follow the right procedure to use leather tool belt and soften tool belt periodically.

New Bought Product

It has been seen that a new bought leather tool belt become hard due to its leather quality or travel for a long time during shipment process. But softening process might help to reduce the stiffness of the leather tool belt.

3 Best Tips to Soften Leather Tool Belt for Beginners

Now this is the section that you are waiting for where I’m going to share 3 best methods that you should know how to soften your leather tool belt as a beginner.

Tips 1 : Rubbing Alcohol and Vaseline

Step 1 : Swabbing the belt with rubbing alcohol

Just pour a little amount of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball or a clean piece of cotton or a tissue or in a towel. Now swab the surface of the leather tool belt thoroughly with the rubbing alcohol. The leather will become clean and the pores of the material will become open. You can apply many coats as alcohol must be deeply soaked into the leather.

Step 2 : Followed by Vaseline

Take Vaseline or any petroleum jelly product on your index finger. Now spread the Vaseline all over the tool belt and make sure it covers the entire surface. Vaseline will be soak by the leather. You don’t need to use a huge amount of Vaseline, a thin layer will do the work better.

Step 3 : Wipe the belt

Now use a rag or tissue to wipe the Vaseline away from the tool belt. You should leave the belt out to dry before you wear the belt. Leave the belt dry out in the sun if you want it to dry quickly.

Tips 2 : Using Natural Oils

Step 1 : Dry the leather in the sun

Let prepare the leather tool belt by leaving it outside in the sun for about ten minutes. This will help the pores open and the material to be prepare.

Step 2 : Choose oil 

Natural oil is probably one of the best leather softening agents. It’s not only cheap but also very easy to find. You can try coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil or almond oil.

Step 3 : Rub oil on belt

Now dip your fingers into the oil and then rub multiple times thoroughly over the surface of the belt. Add multiple layers of oil for an improved softening effect. Remember, the more oil you use, the softer the belt will be. You shouldn’t worry about using too much as natural oil should not damage leather.

Step 4 : Let the oil dry

Coconut oil may slightly darken the belt but it turns stiff leather into a smooth, wearable material. Repeat the oil treatment if your belt is not become soft enough.

Tips 3 : Using Leather Treatment Products

Step 1 : Buying leather conditioner

You’ll find lots of leather condition or treatment product in the market. They come really handy when it’s about softening tool belts. Both the product as well as the process are a bit expensive.

Step 2 : Apply the conditioner

All these products have their own instruction written on them. You can apply the products by spraying, spreading or rubbing. You must let the belt dry before you put on you. You’ll get amazing results if you try this.

Cautions while softening tool belt

  • Be careful while rubbing alcohol as it may dry out your skin.
  • Don’t use excessive amount of Vaseline or oil while rubbing the leather as it might cause damaging the belt.
  • You should maintain the humidity level before and after the softening process.
  • Do not leave the tool belt under sun or heat for a long time.
  • Do not use dryer to dry the belt as it may cause damages your belt.
  • You can soften the belt once in a month. This should be enough for your belt to remain in good condition.
  • If you use water, then dry the belt carefully so that no water or damp condition remains on it.
  • You should use standard amount and mentioned procedure as color might change during softening process.

Let's watch how to Soften Leather Tool Belt

Final Verdict

Hope you get a clear understanding that how to soften leather tool belt from the above methods. And now you will be confident to maintain a standard quality of your leather tool belt by learning the above methods. Implementing one of these method will never get your tool belt dry or cracked as you know how to soften your tool belt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I wash the leather tool belt with water after using oil?
Ans. Using water on leather belts may destroy the quality of the leather. However, if you really need water to apply, make sure you dry your belt quickly.

Q: Which process is much effective to use for softening leather tool belt?
Ans. Using leather treatment products is much effective to soften leather tool belt.

Q: How much will cost for me to buy leather softening materials?
Ans. You can buy the Vaseline within just 4 dollars. If you choose the rubbing alcohol, it can cost you near about 8 dollars. However, the price for leather treatment product usually starts from 2 to 4 dollars.

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