Klein Tool Belt Review In 2020: Expert’s Buying Guide

Are you feeling necessity to organize all your necessary tools and accessories within easy reach while you are working alone or up on the ladder or in the place where you don’t have any assistance? Then you have come to the right place. The Klein Tools 55427 Tradesman Pro Electricians Tool Belt is one of the best klein tool belt in the market that will help you to keep all your tools and accessories organized and handy. In this klein tool belt review we’ll help you to provide a clear understanding about its features, strengths, weaknesses, pros, and cons etc.

Klein Tools is a family owned business who are producing top-grade tools, tools accessories, and similar products for over 160 years now. They are a family of engineers, craftsmen, and workers, and they know what exactly a handyman wants in his tool belt. Klein Tools 55427 Tradesman Pro Electrician’s Tool Belt is one of the familiar tool belt from Klein Tool family. It’s a strong, sturdy and well-built tool belt with mid-level capacity.

For further explanation, we’ll be talking about the sole features and their benefits that you will receive with this tool belt.

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Here Are Klein Tool Belt Review

From the years-long heritage of Klein Tools, this is one of the finest tool belts of the market. This tool belt comes in three sizes- medium, large and X-large. I*n each of the versions, there comes a good variety of sizes of pockets and pouches.

The design is made to contain an equal number of pockets on both of the sides of the pocket. This will be good for balancing between the weight of the tools.

To fit it right with your waist, the belt is made to be adjustable and comfortable as well. There are padded, thick layers for making it comfortable for you. And if your tools get heavy on you, you have a number of suspenders on both of the sides.

No matter what, you will be okay with keeping the belt at a place with a good balance of the weights.

Moving forward, another unique fact is, Klein had brought up three different sizes. Unlike many tool belts on the market, it’s not only one model that fits everyone from thin to fat. Instead, you would get different sizes of pouches for different users.

The benefit of having a symmetric design at both sides of the belt is, it’s super easy and hassle-free to work with this belt. You can bend on your feet and work on work-pieces of lower height.

Let’s talk about the price point for now. Although you can get so many cheap versions of tool belts in the market, this one is an exception. The cost would look quite high at first glance, but let us assure you that the supreme brand value of Klein Tools is worth it.

Overall, our summary line is- Klein Tools 55427 Tradesman Pro Electricians Tool Belt is a right fit for the professional and semi-professional handyman, electrician, plumber, carpenter and so on.

Highlighted features About Tool Belt

You Get A Perfect Tool for Every Kit

First thing first, this belt from Klein has a pocket for almost any kind of electrician’s or carpenter’s tool you might imagine. There are removable pockets for the regular tools, the hammer, the drill bits, the power tools and so on.

It’s Compatible with Suspenders As Well

Although this tool belt doesn’t come with a built-in suspender. But if you already have one, or you bought one separately, you can attach that with this belt. There are attachments provided to connect the suspenders, in case your belt is too heavy to carry on by yourself.

The Materialistic Strength

We highly appreciate the way Klein had built this tool belt. The construction of this belt is made of 1680D-grade heavy duty ballistic polyester. And the joints are made to be rugged. Also, the pockets have lids/covers on them to keep them securely. Of course, you get the supreme brand value of the 160-years old Klein Tools along with the materials.

The Padded and Meshed Belt is Super Comfy

No matter how many tools you are going to put in your tool belt, you want them not to feel you uncomfortable. Klein understands that and therefore, made this belt with a padded belt.

After wearing the belt for a long time, you should be sweating of course. But as long as you’re wearing this belt, that won’t happen. As the meshed pad is made to be breathable.

It’s A Tool for 31-34” Waist Size

Size had been quite a debating point as long as tool belts are concerned. But this tool belt is supposed to be limited for thin electricians and craftsmen only. The waist size that is applicable to this belt is only 31 to 34 inches.

The Pockets Are Removable and Wide Open

There are some specialties about the pockets and pouches that we can see. The pouches and pockets are detachable and comfortable. And the pockets are wide open for easy placement for all of your tools. Also, these pockets don’t have lids or covers as like as regular belts. That’s also a plus point for electricians.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it only for people with a waist size of 31-34 inches?
Ans: For this medium model, yeah. But there are other two models named as large and extra large.

Q: Can I put tiny items like nails and drill bit?
Ans: Yeah. Tiny items have their place to store, as they are very likely to get lost.

Q: Is the tool belt water-proof?
Ans: As per the material quality is considered, the tool belt is waterproof.

Final Verdict

So, that was all we got to let you know in this Klein Tool Belt Review. if you want to spend some extra bucks for a promise of quality and durability, we would definitely recommend you to go for this belt. It’s a premium-built, good looking belt with all the essential features in it. Hopefully, this will be your go-to choice for many years of handyman ship.

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