Milwaukee Electrician Tool Belt Review In 2020: Expert’s Buying Guide

As a electrician we always need a 360-degree solution to keep all our tools that we need in work. But for the sake of price, often we end up with low-quality products, which tears off in a few months. After reading this Milwaukee electrician tool belt review we don’t think that we should compromise with the quality of our tool belt with anything else. At least, this will impacts on our performance as an electrician.

In this regard, we want to give you hand by showcasing the Milwaukee Electrician Tool Belt. It’s definitely one of the finest creation from the inventory of Milwaukee, and you’re going to love this belt.

Milwaukee is quite of a brand when it comes to power tools, hand tools, and tools accessories manufacturing. And the kind of tools they make, beholds their brand reputation, quality, performance, and durability.

However, among many of their tool belt models, this Milwaukee Electrician Tool Belt Review comes to be for electrician’s only. To be more specific, it’s for those electricians who have to deal with light-weight and mid-level electric works.

As you can see, there are a few pockets and sleeves, along with one main compartment. In these pockets, you can place a decent number of tools and items for your works.

Moving forward to the materialistic quality, this belt would get a thumbs up. It’s made of high-quality polyester, along with top-notch design. From both viewpoints of durability and outlook, this would get a 10/10 rating from our point of view.

Apart from the major features, we would particularly mention the price of this model. At first, you would be expecting this belt to be near around 40-50 bucks or so. But the price is almost double of that.

As we have told you, this belt is a premium creation from the finest craftsmen of Milwaukee- the brand. And that’s the reasons the prices seem to be higher than expected.

However, from both of the user’s reviews, and product details we got to be sure that it pays off the price.

Highlighted features

It Is Adjustable for Waists up to 52 Inches

For regular electricians with regular waist size, size seems not to be that big of a problem. But bulky users, it becomes quite of a struggle to find the right size. Specially, when your waist is over 50 inches, most brands would be unable to provide you the tool belt you want.

But this one from Milwaukee seems not to be one of them. This belt can be adjusted to a waist size of 52 inches. And that’s what many of us electricians look for.

Also, it’s adjustable up to a size of 28 inches. So, electricians with tiny waists would also find it as a right fit. But if you’re as thin as 28 inches, we suggest you put on a tight belt with your jeans as well.

The Comfort and Ease in Using

Have you found the right fit of size in this tool belt? Great, let’s talk about the comfort and ease of using them.The tool belt we are talking about comes with one of the thickest kind of paddings. As it doesn’t have any suspenders to bear the load, the only support against the weights of the tools is your waist. And through the thick paddings, we sure that you won’t feel them anyways.

The Beautiful Design

Although it’s not a direct feature of this tool belt, we can’t resist mentioning about its design. The product is made of an orange-black mix. And we have to admit that it looks pretty cool. Also, the secure covers with each pocket make it look even better. If you care about the outlook of what you wear, this belt is definitely going to be on your favorite list. If you don’t care about it anyway, it’s still good, right?

It Has Quite Spacious Compartments to Hold on Your Kits

There are many popular brands in the market, and many of them are known for holding an array of small and mid-sized tools. But when it comes to holding big tools like a speed square, most of them are not okay anymore.

But don’t give up yet. If you are an electrician who has to deal with tools like speed square every now and then, this is going to be your next favorite belt. The main compartment is made to be large enough. And the lid of the main compartment is open as well.

So, you can keep both large tools like speed square, and a set of small tools as well. And accessing everything that you keep inside will be easily accessible.

  • PROS
  • Made of premium grade polyester.
  • A good fit within a range of 28 to 52 inches of waist.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Padded and thick layers for comfortable using.
  • Lids on the pockets for secure carrying.
  • Detachable compartments to customize as your purpose.
  • A beautiful outlook and color scheme.
  • CONS
  • The price-point seems to be quite off the low-end.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I keep a speed square in this belt?
Ans: Yeah, it’s well suited to house a speed square or similar sized items.

Q: How about the size of its perimeter?
Ans: As we’ve explained in the review, you can use it for waists up to 52 inches.

Q: Is the padding water-proof?
Ans: Yes it is. In fact, you can wash it if you want.

Final Verdict

Thanks for going through the entire Milwaukee Electrician Tool Belt review. We’ve given our best effort to take you through its pros, cons, and features. By now, you should understand whether it is the right fit for you or not. Best of luck!

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